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Crimson and Bone – coming soon!
Finding Kit Kavanagh

Finding Kit Kavanagh
When I set out to write the story of Kit Kavanagh, an extraordinary female soldier who fought several campaigns dressed as a man, I wanted to follow in her footsteps. So I began at the beginning, and went in search of her… Read more

Beatrice, Benedick and Me

With my latest novel BEATRICE AND BENEDICK just weeks away from release, I’ve been thinking about my beloved heroine and hero and my relationship with them over the years.
I first met Beatrice and Benedick in 1988, in my high school English class. English Literature… Read more


Next week Dan Brown releases his latest book, Inferno. The story of this much-anticipated novel is being kept very much under wraps, but the word is that the book will be set in and around Florence, and that Robert Langdon will be unravelling a Dante-esque… Read more

Books like Brown’s – my history of the ‘Code’ novel

It all began, for me, with The Name of the Rose. 
I read it as a teenager, probably too young to understand it all, but was immediately captivated by the hermetic world of a monastery beset by the Inquisition. The literati, I am sure, would… Read more